Gasparilla Shootout Challenge

February 10, 2018 all-day
Waters of Tampa Bay
Fleet Captain

What: The Gasparilla Shootout is a friendly competition between the cruising sailors of

Tampa Sailing Squadron and the Davis Island Yacht Club. There is a traveling trophy

which is a Pirates Pistol which will be awarded to the winning club each year. The trophy

will reside for one year at the winning club. The trophy will be presented every year at

the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the Gasparilla Regatta.

Competition: This Shootout trophy will be awarded to the club with the best combined

overall performance in the Cruising, Racer/Cruiser, and Mother Lode Classes.

Performance shall be based on trophies awarded in these classes, that is; 1st, 2nd, etc.

Each club will score their top 3 finishers in any of the three classes and fleets. In the

event of a tie, the club with the next higher scoring boat shall win. In the event that this

doesn’t settle it, there shall be an arm wrestling match between one individual from each

club that is present.

Where: The annual Shootout shall take place on the waters of Tampa Bay. The

competition shall be organized and conducted by the Tampa Sailing Squadron at the

annual Gasparilla Regatta held at the Tampa Sailing Squadron.

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