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Minimalist Regatta aka Cardboard Boat Regatta Rules & Details

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017


  • Boats must be constructed on site on September 23rd any 1100 and must be complete before the start of the regatta, approximately 1530.
  • Boats must be made ONLY of cardboard and STANDARD duct tape. NO reinforced cardboard tubes, only card‐board provided by the Club or your own broken‐down cardboard boxes. NO industrial/military duct tape will be allowed. Duct tape can be of any color, but must have come manufactured in that color.
  • Cardboard cannot be sealed with any paint or sealants
  • Boats can be a maximum of 60” (5′) wide and a maximum length of 84” (7′). There is no maximum height requirement.
  • Boats must be propelled by the use of hands and/or paddles. No artificial paddles are allowed (paddles must meet the same requirements for construction as the boats).
  • Boats must be completely enclosed, or permit the crew to remain fully on top of the vessel (You are not permitted to have dangling extremities)
  • Surfboard style designs are NOT allowed. Consider “staying dry” part of the challenge.
  • If any illegal items used in construction are discovered during the pre‐ or post‐race inspection, the boat will be disqualified.


  • Boats shall be designed to race with as many or few crew as you choose.
  • Each crew member will be equipped with their own personal flotation device.
  • The regatta will start at the shoreline at the beach on the southeast side of A dock.
  • Teammates who are not in the boat may NOT help push the boat in any way from the shoreline, during the race or through the finish line.
  • The race must begin and end with the same crew intact.
  • Swimming and/or pulling the boat will result in disqualification.


  • Boats will be judged before during and after the regatta on their creativity, enthusiasm/showmanship and first across the finish line (back to the shoreline). Prizes will be awarded at the pool deck after the regatta and clean up is complete.

*Please dispose of your trash, excess and remains before, during and after the regatta.
**Any rule not specifically covered herein will be left to the discretion of the Judge(s).

Regatta Contact: Kristina Renaud

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