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Thursday Night Sailing – Updated Sailing Instructions – 3 Jun 2014

Thursday night racers, please note the Sailing Instructions available here have been updated - effective immediately.

The key highlights for the changes are as follows:

  • Changed starting order in an effort to address starting line traffic concerns, compressed finish times, and hoist traffic.
  • Addition of a Bayshore mark – to be labeled “X”.  Please note that since we will be racing around the shoal north of H mark, we will only use this mark for reaching and running legs (no upwind).  Our intent is to leverage public visibility on Bayshore Blvd.

Regarding Thursday night race management, our co-captains have adopted the following practices based on your feedback:

  • Synchronize starting watch to clubhouse wall clock.
  • Starts must be between E (in the middle) and A, preferably near A.  This means we will not always have upwind starts.
  • Use A or E mark as the pin whenever possible.
  • Committee boat should always be on starboard end of line.
  • Mount board on starboard side of committee boat so racers do not have to sail in starting area to see board.
  • Post course on board no later than 6:20 pm.
  •  At 6:20 or as close as possible, announce both courses over the VHF. Top/yellow is RC & NS course.  RC / NS course will be shorter distance - typically 1 less mark to round.
  •  Announce over VHF for boats to stay clear of starting line.
  • Allow boats to have a clear starting area.

And finally, regarding weather.  Last night (5/29) was a Green Flash and I supported our Co-Captain’s decision to cancel racing.  However, during the series, please expect to race.  Predicting weather is better left to the experts (who are wrong more than 50%).  It is responsibility of the skipper to determine if their equipment and crew are equipped to race in the conditions. If there is lightning or a large cell over our racing area, we will delay on shore allowing it to clear, but expect to race.  It usually only takes 10 or 15 minutes for a cell to pass.

I want to thank everyone for the constructive feedback on Thursday night race format and helping us develop best practices.  Our sport is evolving.  Race management needs to evolve in parallel.

Keep your ideas and comments coming.

Dave German
DIYC Fleet Captain

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