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High School Sailing at the Davis Island Youth Sailing Foundation (DIYSF) is open to high school age students and has three components:

1. HS Team
2. Club 420 (C420)
3. Laser

This is not a learn-to-sail program. It is strongly encouraged that all new sailors have some boat handling skills or have completed at least one Learn-to-Sail Program.

HS Team

HS Team Sailing is the Only Formal Co-Ed High School Sport!

Local high school sailing teams are sanctioned under the Inter Scholastic Sailing Association / South Atlantic District (ISSA/SAISA). Several local high schools (or high school sailing clubs) with SAISA-registered sailing teams currently practice at DIYSF, for example Plant and Jesuit. DIYSF provides the 420 boats and coaching. A DIYSF membership and boat damage deposit is required to participate. As part of SAISA, HS teams compete in monthly high school regattas, referred to as the South Points. There are typically seven (7) South Points regattas each season, as well as a District Championship. Top finishers earn an invitation to the Nationals.

DIYSF holds practice for HS teams on selected weekdays, as determined by coaches based on need, after school and lasting generally until just before dark. The HS season runs from September through May.

When not involved in high school practice events, many of the HS team sailors also participate in the DIYSF C420 and Laser programs.

Club 420

The Club 420 (C420) names comes from the fact that most events are hosted by competing clubs like DIYC. C420 racing is similar to the HS Team, but in the C420 sailors learn to use a spinnaker and trapeze, and they compete in different events. C420 sailors do not need to be affiliated with a HS Team to participate. Full DIYSF membership is required. C420 events happen year round locally, throughout the state and beyond. DIYSF provides coaching for weekend practices and select regattas, typically 10-4 Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday.


Laser sailboats are slightly smaller than 420s. They only have one sail and one sailor aboard. DIYSF provides coaching for practices and selected Laser events. Laser sailors have both youth events and open events to choose from. DIYC also has a growing open Laser fleet, and DIYSF Laser youth sailors are invited to participate.

DIYSF Laser sailors are required to furnish their own boats. The program does not provide Lasers and Laser equipment. Full DIYSF membership is required. Practices are generally held on weekends, 10-4 on Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday, as set by the coaches.