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2018 Dore Drake Regatta – 20 Oct


The Dore Drake Regatta grew from the long running DIYC Bikini Cup. Long time members may remember John Condrick who was known for having an all-female crew, teaching them sailing and racing. In 1978, John Condrick donated what became our perpetual trophy and the race was renamed to the Dore Drake after his wife. So ladies, NOW is your chance to participate! This special regatta provides an opportunity for woman to compete against each other in a day of camaraderie, sport and competition. We have planned 4 divisions (Keelboat Spinnaker and Non-spinnaker, Keelboat Coach on board (one male passenger), and a dinghy class.) After the race, we plan a trophy celebration and a potluck provided by the men of DIYC.  Please consider bringing a dish to share.

Need a boat?  Need crew?  Need a Coach?  Contact Lorelei Sells (Lorelei_sells@hotmail.com  or 816-289-9756) or Nikki Powers (nenapowers@yahoo.com).

Race Documents and Registration

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