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A Snippet of History: The Dore Drake Regatta

John Condrick raced his yellow boat “Temptation” for years at DIYC. He customarily had a female crew, teaching them sailing and racing. The Bikini Cup grew out of John and Dore’s desire to promote and support a sailboat race for women.

In 1978, Davis Island Yacht Club instituted an annual Bikini Cup race. There were three races under the SPSA rating, mono-hull 20 foot and over category. To be eligible for the “beautiful new Dore Drake trophy you must be a Tampa boat. No males were allows on board. It must be an all girl crew.” John Condrick donated the trophy, which was made out of a crystal sculpture they had acquired overseas and the race was named the Dore Drake Regatta. The intent was to have an annual regatta for women sailors.

In 1978, the participants included:

Delma Alvarex – “Aires” (1st place)
Michelle Carrier – “Osprey”
Cathy Sherrick – “Sunshine”
JoAnne Rodewald – “RodeOrm”
Jean Clement – “Rampage”
Rose Marie Chillura – “Makaira”

In 1984, it was reported that “we did not have enough wind to test the hiking ability of the women, but they got a lot of practice looking for wind shifts.”

In the December 1991 log, it was reported that “Energizer” won the “Dore Drake Trophy” (formally known as the DIYC Bikini Cup).

Over time, the regatta has had different sets of classes, including in 1997 a “Man On Board Division” and this year a “Coach On Board Division.”

From the October 2003 log, Sandy Mickelson stated, “Dore and her late husband John enjoyed teaching the girls and women back in the ‘dark ages’ when women were not generally considered to be desirable crew, much less helmsmen … It is in great part due to their efforts that a lot of our best sailors and most south after crew are now women.”

This year, the regatta will be held on October 20, 2018 at DIYC.

View more information about the 2018 regatta.

Dore Drake Perpetual Trophy Recipients

1978 Delma Alvarex
1979 Michelle Stencel
1980 Kathy Trudeau
1981 Linda Phillips
1982 Kathy Geeraerts
1983 Kathy Geeraerts
1984 Sandy Scheda
1985 Sandy Scheda
1986 Sandy Scheda
1988 Sandy Scheda
1989 Sherry Welch
1990 Gail Rosenke
1991 Gail Rosenke
1992 Gail Rosenke
1993 Gail Rosenke
1994 Marsha Malkin
1995 Marsha Malkin
1996 Sherry Welch
1997 Donaldson/Sherman
2000 Leslie Fisher
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