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October 2022

We planned our cruises at the annual meeting, and many chose events to host. We enjoyed dinner together and fabulous Sangria made by Cassie and Chef Eli!

The Cruising Fleet is headed to SPYC Sept 30 through Oct 2. It’s the first weekend of the Saturday morning market reopening just a block away from the marina and there is so much to do in downtown St Pete. Jackie and Bob Meyer are hosting.

Check out the calendar for our November and December Cruising events.

Tips for Cruisers before you leave the dock:

  • Make sure your EPIRB Registration is up to date.
  • File a Float Plan.
  • Activate or re-activate your satellite phone.
  • Renew or subscribe to weather information; weather information services may depend on where you are cruising.
  • DTOPS & Local Boater Option Card
  • Plan / Chart your trip: make sure you have some good places to duck in if there is severe weather headed your way.
  • Make sure everything is in excellent working order before you leave.
  • Have safety gear, medical kits, and anything you would need for cruising for your safety.

More Cruising Tips to come!

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27°54.47 N — 82°27.09 W
1315 Severn Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
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