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(813) 251-1158
Race DateCategoryRace TypeTitleResults
2022-11-272022 DIYC Thanksgiving RegattaView Results
2022-11-252022 Old Shoe and New Shoe ResultsView Results
2022-11-252021 Old Shoe and New Shoe Results - CorrectedView Results
2022-11-222022-2023 DIYC Boat-Of-The-Year StandingsView Results
2022-11-19DIYC Boat of the YearEgmont Key Race2022 Egmont Key RaceView Results
2022-11-152022 Dinghy Dames Interclub RegattaView Results
2022-11-04Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Series Overall ResultsView Results
2022-11-05Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Fall Series ResultsView Results
2022-11-03Club RacingThursday Nights2022-11-03 Thursday Fall Series Race 4View Results
2022-10-29DIYC Boat of the YearHalloween Regatta2022-10-29 Halloween RegattaView Results
2022-10-27Club RacingThursday Nights2022-10-27 Thursday Fall Series Race 3View Results
2022-10-20Club RacingThursday Nights2022-10-20 Fall Series Race 2View Results
2022-10-15Club RacingDore Drake2022 Dore Drake RegattaView ResultsView Results
2022-10-08Club RacingCouples’ Race2022 Fall Couples RaceView Results
2022-10-06Club RacingThursday Nights2022-10-06 Fall Series Race 1View Results
2022-09-23Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Overall StandingsView Results
2022-09-23Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Summer-B Series ResultsView Results
2022-09-22Club RacingThursday Nights2022-09-22 Summer B Series Race 6View Results
2022-09-15Club RacingThursday Nights2022-09-15 Summer B Series Race 5View Results
2022-09-022022-09-02 Labor Day Night RaceView Results
2022-08-28Club RacingSunday Races2022 Sunday Summer SeriesView Results
2022-08-18Club RacingThursday Nights2022-08-18 Summer B Series Race 4View Results
2022-08-11Club RacingThursday Nights2022-08-11 Summer B Series Race 3View Results
2022-08-04Club RacingThursday Nights2022-08-04 Summer B Series Race 2View Results
2022-07-22Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Summer-A Series ResultsView Results
2022-07-28Club RacingThursday Nights2022-07-28 Summer-B Series Race 1View Results
2022-07-21Club RacingThursday Nights2022-07-21 Summer-A Series Race 6View Results
2022-07-14Club RacingThursday Nights2022-07-14 Summer-A Series Race 5View Results
2022-06-23Club RacingThursday Nights2022-06-23 Summer-A Series Race 4View Results
2022-06-122022 J-24 Rodeo ResultsView Results
2022-06-09Club RacingThursday Nights2022-06-09 Summer-A Series Race 3View Results
2022-06-02Club RacingThursday Nights2022-06-02 Summer-A Series Race 2View Results
2022-05-29DIYC Boat of the YearStandings2021-2022 DIYC Boat-Of-The-Year ResultsView Results
2022-05-272022 Tampa Bay to Ft. Myers RaceView Results
2022-05-26Club RacingThursday Nights2022-05-26 Thursday Green Flash RaceView Results
2022-05-22One Design RacingRS Aero2022 RS Aero North American ChampionshipsView Results
2022-05-19Club RacingThursday Nights2022-05-19 Thursday Summer-A Race 1View Results
2022-05-152022 School's Out RegattaView Results
2022-05-13Club RacingThursday Nights2022 Thursday Spring Series ResultsView Results
2022-05-12Club RacingThursday Nights2022-05-12 Thursday Spring Series Race 6View Results
2022-04-30Club RacingCouples’ Race2022 Spring Couples RaceView Results
2022-05-05Club RacingThursday Nights2022-05-05 Thursday Spring Series Race 5View Results
2022-04-28Club RacingThursday Nights2022-04-28 Thursday Spring Series Race 4View Results
2022-04-23DIYC Boat of the YearHospice Cup2022 Hospice CupView Results
2022-04-21Club RacingThursday Nights2022-04-21 Thursday Spring Series Race 3View Results
2022-04-14Club RacingThursday Nights2022-04-14 Thursday Spring Series Race 2View Results
2022-04-07Club RacingThursday Nights2022-04-07 Thursday Spring Series Race 1View Results
2022-03-23Suncoast Boat of the YearStandingsSCBOTY Racer/Cruiser and Cruiser Class thru NOODView Results
2022-03-06Club RacingSunday Races2022 Sunday Winter SeriesView Results
2021-12-12Club RacingSunday Races2021 Sunday Fall SeriesView Results
2021-11-262021 Old Shoe - New Shoe RaceView Results
2022-03-13Club RacingFireball & Friends2022 Fireball & Friends
2022-03-10Club RacingFull Moon2021-2022 Full Moon Series ResultsView Results
2022-03-05DIYC Boat of the YearHillsborough Bay Race2022 Hillsborough Bay RaceView Results
2022-03-06DIYC Boat of the YearStandings2021-2022 DIYC Boat-Of-The-Year StandingsView Results
2022-02-17Club RacingFull Moon2022 Full Moon Race 4View Results
2022-02-12DIYC Boat of the YearAround The Point Race2022 Around The Point RaceView Results
2022-02-12DIYC Boat of the YearStandings2021-2022 DIYC Boat-Of-The-Year StandingsView Results
2022-01-23DIYC Boat of the YearCommodore’s Cup2022 Commodore's CupView Results
2022-01-13Club RacingFull Moon2021-22 Full Moon Series Race 2View Results
2022-01-01Club RacingHangover Bowl2022 Hangover BowlView Results
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1315 Severn Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
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