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Local Destinations

4th Island

Many DIYC cruisers enjoy anchoring behind the 4th Island for the night.
Directions to the 4th Island Anchorage

Directions to Fantasy Island

The 4th Island is the spoil island directly southeast of DIYC.  You can see it well from the south porch, and Fantasy Island is a small island just to the east of 4th Island.  Fantasy Island offers a great getaway if you would like to go somewhere that is close, easy to get to, and less crowded than beer can island.  This is one of the few places you can anchor on the north side of Tampa Bay and enjoy some solitude and protection from the chop of the open bay. 

During the winter, the wind is often a moderate to heavy northerly breeze, and waking up to the gentle roll, brisk weather, and sunrise is excellent therapy after a hard week at work.  

Getting There :  

There are two methods to get to Fantasy Island by sailboat.  The south route is the “safest” and the north route is the “quickest”.  For boats that draw around 5 feet, the north route has plenty of water.  For first-timers, the south route is easier to follow.  


South Route – Almost 1 mile due south of 4th Island, you’ll see the “Alafia River Channel” on your chart.  Be sure to enter the channel properly from the West because there are shallow waters on each side.  You’ll pass G”5” to port and just before you get to G”7”, you’ll see the southeast tip of 4th Island due North.   Make a turn to port between G”5” and G”7” and head due north toward the southeast tip of 4th Island.  As you reach 4th Island, follow the east side of the beach up to the area between 4th Island and Fantasy Island.  Be careful of the shallow areas to the southwest of Fantasy Island.  See Figure 2.


North Route – The northern entrance to Fantasy Island is much quicker and usually has a depth of at least 7 feet.  Approach the north side of 4th Island by splitting the difference between 4th Island on starboard and Pendola Pt on port.  Watch for the 45ft tower that you’ll leave to port.  As you round the northeast corner of 4th Island, maintain a wide arc and follow the east side of the island with the same distance to starboard as you had when you rounded the corner.  Watch your depth, go slow, and increase your distance from the island if the depth goes below 6 feet.  Approach the anchorage by leaving Fantasy Island to port.  See Figure 3.

Anchorage at Fantasy Island

Be careful of the shallow area to the southwest of Fantasy Island.  You can see in the satellite photo in Figure 4 that the shallow area extends much further than you would think.  All of the area to the west of Fantasy Island is great for anchoring.

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