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Hurricane Preparation

Preparing Your Boat

For ideas on the preparation of your boat, the Docks, Harbor and Launch Committee has collected into one concise document. This is not the end-all/be-all document for hurricane preparation for your boat, however, it is a great resource if you would like to know what you can do to begin preparing your vessel. All ideas for improvement of this document are welcomed. Hurricane Prep Quick Reference Checklist This page is a quick-reference checklist that you can use to make sure you are ready for the storm. If you don't read anything else, at least run through this checklist.
Download the Checklist

Detailed Hurricane Prep Information

If you would like more information and detail about boat preparation, the link below includes a document that contains lots of information from many sources. This is the detail that we used to generate the checklist noted above. Note: The file is large.
Download the PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing the Club House

As storms threaten our club, we need to be prepared to take proactive measures to protect our facility. In support of this goal, the House and Grounds Committee has prepared quick-reference procedures for each stage of storm preparation. These procedures are available here on the website, in the Club Operating Manual, and on the downstairs south wall of the clubhouse (east of the regatta room). These procedures will help mitigate damage to the club, personnel, members and guests.
Davis Island Yacht Club Hurricane Plan
Instructions on Stage 1 - Hurricane
Instructions on Stage 2 - Tropical Storm
Instructions on Stage 3 - Gale Warning Instructions on Stage 4 - Storm Warning
Instructions on Stage 5 - Hurricane Season Prep
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27°54.47 N — 82°27.09 W
1315 Severn Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
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