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1315 Severn Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
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(813) 251-1158

2.4 mR World Championship | November 5-11, 2022

Regatta Location:
Davis Island Yacht Club
1315 Severn Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33606
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Regatta Contact:
Jennifer Holmberg: jenholmberg21@gmail.com

2.4mR Contact:
Tony Pocklington, USA Class President: +1 239-707-0076, captiva_24@yahoo.com

Schedule of Events:

November 5-7, 2022: Check-in and Measurement
November 6, 2022: Opening Ceremony
November 7, 2022: Practice, Competitors Meeting
November 8-11, 2022: Racing



General Information About Boat Launching:

There are three (1 ton, 2 ton, and 5 ton) hoists. The 1 ton and 2 ton hoists will be utilized for the regatta. The 5 ton hoist will be reserved for club members. There is a large paved area surrounding the hoists. 

General Information About the Racing Area:

Average Wind Direction during November: North to East
Average Wind Speed: 7-12 Knots
Average Water Depth: 10 Feet
Tides: Rise or Fall Up to 2.5 Feet or 0.75 Meters

The shoreline can have some influence, however, the area is large enough to sail clear of the shore. If a cold front passes through, which is somewhat rare in November, wind can become strong and gusty. In a North, East, and West wind, the water is protected from large wave build up, and therefore is considered flat water. There is a very small chance of a Southerly wind direction, which can produce greater wave heights.

Travel and Local Information:

The yacht club is located approximately 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport. 

There is adequate parking for trailers and cars at the yacht club. The club is located about 3 km from several large brand hotels. There also may be private home/room rentals available nearby through Airbnb or VRBO. November is still considered low season, therefore, rates can be very reasonable. 

Deadline for housing request is 9/5/2022 and you must be registered and paid in full.  The request does not guarantee housing.

Assistance with Flights and Hotels:

Suzanne Carlson

Carlson Maritime Travel.   Ph:   727.945.1930



Charter Boat Availability:
For charters please contact Tony Pocklington at captiva_24@yahoo.com.

Related News and Information:

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Jennifer Holmberg: jenholmberg21@gmail.com

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27°54.47 N — 82°27.09 W
1315 Severn Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
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